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  • VA7OM working on the 80m ARDF fox-hunt project (TXs, minifoxes and receivers). More info to follow...
    Amel - VA7KBA 4 months ago
    For more info please contact us - bcradiosport@gmail.com
    Amel - VA7KBA about 1 year ago
  • Welcome to BC RadioSport
    Home of Radio Orienteering and all RadioSports!

  • Upcoming events:

    Burnaby Radio Club will be organizing 2m band fox-hunt ARDF this coming Sunday, Oct-20-2013.

    Meeting place: Central Park, parking south from swimming pool west side of the park, entrance from E46 Avenue.

    Meeting time: 8:30am
    Tune-up your gear till: 9:00am
    Start of the fox-hunt: 10:00am
    Time limit: 90min

    Two levels: beginners and advance
    Beginners will look for 5 regular easy hidden TXs + Beacon
    Advanced: will look for 3 micro-foxes TXs + Beacon

    Free attendance, please bring your family and or friends, we will have extra gear to loan. Should you have any other question or request please contact me.

    Since ARDF only involves receiving radio signals you do not need to hold an amateur radio license in order to participate.

    Everyone is welcome to compete or just watch and have fun. We have a few spare 2m fox receivers on first come first serve basis.

    Radio Orienteering (or Radio Direction Finding) is a sport of skill in finding hidden objects. It’s similar to Geo Caching, but instead of using a GPS we use radio receivers and orienteering skills to find the location of hidden radio transmitters. It’s a great way to learn how to navigate in the woods with a map and compass and a fine way to spend a sunny day exploring your parks and forests.

    Everyone is welcome to participate in our events. You don’t need to have any radio experience, or even your amateur radio license to hunt!

    To participate in our events you will need some sort of radio receiver with a signal level indicator. Many participants use a radio receiver (with signal strength indicator) capable of receiving in the 140-150 MHz (2 meter) radio band. Scanners and 2 meter amateur radio handhelds combined with an attenuator and directional antenna are a great way to get started.

    If you enjoy building electronic equipment, there are many low cost kits and circuit designs you can use to build your own equipment. There is also a variety of pre-built equipment.

    In this age of cellphones, Internet, and cheap consumer electronics, many of us lose interest in how things work. Radio orienteering provides an opportunity for Do It Yourself construction and experimentation, fun, exercise, fresh air, beautiful scenery, map-reading, socializing, messing around to try to change the laws of physics, and lots of laughs.

    Join our group – send an e-mail to: bcradiosport@gmail.com

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